When Found In a Place Beyond Reason

A poem on staying with mysteries at work in our lives.

When found in a place
beyond reason
and sense,
stay there.
Linger awhile.
Don’t run from the mystery,
rather hold steady
invisible processes at play.

Much like flow of water
doing work on rocks,
let life smooth you
into clear and present

Even if you don’t know
where you are,
the water does.

Go with this flow.
Trust something larger than Self
twisting like the snake’s path
shape of river through land.
like energy of a bird
stretching in all directions,
gaze wide and far
above and below.

It is hard to understand
what is taking root
while it is still in darkness
of soil and night,
coiling in secret places
like new, soft flowers still closed to light
silent and waiting for something
that may not yet come.

Don’t change the shape of life.
Everything has its time
to burst
or dissolve,
each thing marking its own lifetime
rising and falling
or ebbing and flowing into this perfect form.

What is the lesson here?
Wait a while.
Some glories are slow revealing
that only some are privy to.
Like threads pulled from the same chords of universe,
we wait.

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