A Mother’s Body

A poem on how motherhood shapes us.
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Photo: Cahypatia on Pixabay

A mother’s body:
giver of life,
bone shifter.
Doorway to the next generation
of family story,
her body a vessel,
she has become whole:
irrevocably marked.

When it is all said and done,
life having called her to another form
she will see that ‘perfect’ never mattered.
Her hips spread beyond convention.
Not dainty, spritely or light
but rather tunnel of life.

When she embraces
the new,
a mother’s feet and legs
sink deep in Earth,
heavy with responsibility,

A great gesture of presence
and ground:
she is so much more,
bigger than skinny
cultural convention
taking on the weight
of the most regal responsibility,
she has become vast with circle of Love.

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