When Love Reaches Beyond Itself

A poem on setting the gift of love free.

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Image by Tegawi on Pixabay

What do you do when
love would have you crazy
at the seams
wanting to seep through every crack
until there was nothing left
but clear smooth stillness?

When the reach from caverns
runs deep
like a gift so vast
it cannot be wrapped
but instead only extends outwards
like night owl’s wings?
life a slice through air
but so much more.

What do you do when
the thousand jewels inside
reach for the light outside
looking for a place to land?

You set all this free.

Instead of holding back,
let love reach
beyond borders.
Release this gift
like a holy offering
during the most sacred festival
of the year.
Let yourself into the light
and see that all this is one thing:

It does not matter
or how
or when
or where
this moment unfolds.
Just smile when you feel it
deep in the bones.
Receive the gift
when you are graced
with a moment
of that holy mystery.

And remember:
this love is always

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