The Path Is Downward

A poem on the moment of choice when faced with change.

Image: Susan Lu4esm, Pixabay

Every season has its blessing,
even the one that is cold and dark.
When that moment comes
to turn the wheel of change
and suffer from the staying
or hug close
choosing the unfamiliar
and wait.

If we stay inside
too long
draw of icy moon
we begin to feel
tug at seams
of outfits
that no longer fully fit.

Seated in the balance
of longing
in two directions
wrap the cloak
into unknown night.
Go now,
there is no other place
to be.

see the path is downward.
Not forward or back,
but deeper
into settledness of self
new mysteries
at each twist.

The refuge is here
a deep spring inside and out
always complete in cycles
of life and Earth
which also includes each departure.

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