Devour Your Outgrown Smallness

A poem on becoming whole and free by reaching beyond perceived limitations.

Image: Michael Gaida, Pixabay

that isn’t a path
to freedom
inner or outer
at all.

risk sprouting
stretch wide
become whole
by not avoiding.
Crack open
in the reach
beyond what would devour
your outgrown smallness

Where do you choose not to grow?
Instead of holding back,
better to take a great leap
beyond contraction
come into that light
through ground
that is fearless,

Be love
spread wide
awakening to beauty
awakening to itself
fully at home
inviting a birth,
split open like a seed,
sending shoots
in a thousand molecular directions.

everything is now different.
Bones and earth shift,
inside becomes outside
and a new shape takes root.

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