Look Outwards Now

A poem for the moments when feeling trapped by all things heavy and difficult.

Image: Felix Mittermeier, Pixabay

Rather than be trapped
by any heavy weight,
enter in as if into a tunnel.
Dark, yes
but moving through
to the other side.

Along this way,
find jewels in darkness.
Hard to decipher,
yet there
shimmering as diamonds
in the rough.

Look outwards now
toward each shaft
of light,
reaching even the darkest spaces.
Put feet on earth
feel grass in toes
sunlight on face,
let nature be its healing balm.

Peel the layers through
until you
the soft, still sound
of the universe
at the very bottom
of all things difficult.

there is freedom
in the acceptance
of this twist of thread.
Each unraveling points
to a deeper truth
about who you are:
even alone for just this moment.

In solitude,
we can listen
Hear the hum
that is uniquely yours.
And then: lift and fly,
reborn and rising
like the mythical, magical
that you always

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