Where You Find Yourself is Always at the Center

A poem on pausing to savor and create. 

(Photo: Pexels on Pixabay)

Let the burn of life
form you like a kiln.
As clay to potter’s wheel,
spin into each new shape.

Pause in the forming
finding yourself
always at the center
and expanding,
in breath
out breath:
the time to savor.

Life’s transformative 
creates a thousand
new doorways
(for you, here)
time and space, 
body and love,
breaking heart
beyond nonsense
and noise
more permeable 
into being.

In this pause
become available,
allowing beauty 
and mystery 
to prevail. 
Be like the artist
not always knowing 
what magic will unfold,
creating at each turn
even inside oneself.

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