When the Well is Dry, There is Only One Choice

A poem on staying generous and wide awake, even in difficult times.

(Image: Pixabay)

When the well
(bone dry)
needs filling —
there is only one choice:
create lushness,
tend to joy.
Resist the impulse to withdraw,
retreat only to fill your cup
not into cave
or silent isolation.
Stay wildly generous,
even when hard
to find places to draw from.

Reach beyond edge
of what is clarified —
dip into mystery
where light has yet to shine.
Carve realization here:
words flowing loosely
like dangling jewels
or soft paws of a sleeping animal.

The body breathes itself
through each portal
unless stuck,
resembling this generation of slumber.
Like a great sleeping bear
step awake into the sacred.
Call upon the barefoot ones
gone before —
bringing us to the other shore
of creation.

Be a balm beyond what is understood
whole, wild, freely
offering each thing
a holy gesture
drenched in love.

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