The Deepest Purpose

A poem on bringing your best self. 

(Image: JPlenio, Pixabay) 

Germination of any great work:
an arduous process 
bringing forth
the Good into reality. 
resistance too often
takes root
when called to undertake
any aspect of 
life’s hardest tasks.

In these moments 
with what’s greater than ego,
choose a loosening 
of self into service.
The deepest 
purpose here:
illumine beauty,
smoothing away dust 
submerged wisdom
rising to the surface 
like a thousand small gems, 
sitting briefly like dew drops 
ready to pop into light.

Make your presence like this: 
receptive to illumination, 
ready to sparkle. 
Take these jewels,
let them sink 
into your caves. 
Then — shine.

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