Fall in Love Now

A poem on letting your heart break, falling in love with a million details of the here and now. 

(Image: DeltaWorks, Pixabay)

In moments 
when dullness
takes root 
spreading grey
and flat 
look around
ask yourself: 
are there not 
millions of details
to fall in love with
in this moment

and this

and this

and this…?

Instead of loving
these million details,
do you stay bland
(afraid, restless)
shaky vulnerability
rumbling unknowingly
layers and layers 
of distraction?

The antidote:
Feel the truth 
of your death
and the urgency 
of your life
letting yourself crack
at recognition 
that everything you hold 
will vanish
like morning fog in sunlight.

Coax this heart open
eyes understanding
nothing is uninteresting 
when seeing wide awake.  
Receive the shape 
of each beloved
and fall fully
into the pain 
breaking heart
wondering again and again
whether you are truly feeling

The antidote:
stop, be
marvel at curl of hair
splatter of light 
mixing with shadow
flash of eyes
memory of most sublime 
and how it passed.

Fall in love with this,
then that. 
Be ravished 
by these million details
in dance of day 
before you 

There is nothing mundane,
only mind not yet awake
heart not broken
in face of vulnerable 
of life

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