The Moment Where True Work Begins

A poem on receiving each lesson when facing our mistakes.

(Image: JPlenio, Pixabay)

The moment
when we think we have failed,
this is where the true work begins.
When arriving here,
do less
each lesson,
an invitation
recognizing something new.

Draw a boundary
around what is yours
to metabolize,
shed the rest
open to feedback
seeing self
through eyes of others…

Reckon with this space
the place where you fall
pain behind words
anger flashed
even this:
a gift,
glimpse into another’s truth.

The moment
when we think we have failed,
this is where true work begins.
There is no way out,
only through –
able to sit in each fire
with friction,
beyond comfort zone.
The end game:
not perfection,
rather humility
not dwelling,
instead deliciously open
ready to receive.

Step back,
then step forward
each mistake-
a passageway
into growth.
Widen here,
be larger
than each sharp edge
serving slice
of incisiveness
so that you can now
soften to understand.

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