Feel and See Beyond 

A poem on the moments of love beyond words. 

(Image: J. Plenio, Pixabay) 

I see you,
closest in the middle
even through 
distant reach — 
wisp of hair and flash of eyes,
too far removed
to render anything 
but the seeing itself.

And still,
it is perfect just as it is: 
this moment of love,
even in the passing
you know
what needs to be said: 
I love you.
I love this.

Still — 
even if no words,
a world unfolds 
in a glimpse
each moment
a garden,
a trail along a stream
or serene dip in jeweled lake,
perfect spot 
to hold you fluidly 
like a dream.

The true journey:
a dive into self
seeing other
and seeing beyond
just here
with each unearthing feeling
slipping now into space 
before sleep,
meeting all beloveds
inviting us to simple pleasures,
heavy eyes
bright too 
with each reflection

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