Make Yourself at Home in this World

A poem on finding refuge, and being what is yours to become. 

(Image: JPlenio, Pixabay) 

Make yourself at home in this world, 
even when it feels inhospitable.
Tune into ways
you are supported,
wind rustling
ground beneath feet,
air on skin. 

A task of growing: 
feel alone enough
yet also know 
you are never alone.
Find your refuge, 
what anyone says
or does — 
only being 
what is yours to become, 
letting life hold your heart
wide as ocean tide,
even when others cannot. 

Din of noise can fade now, 
breathe deep
beyond happenings and words.
Move through rough edges
like river across land,
snaking its course 
even past obstacles. 

Spiral in,
go to the center-most place.
Listen, here
hear trickle of quiet wonder
not laden with distraction,
arriving fully
just for this moment— 
carry each memory like jewels, 
glistening in mind’s eye
awaiting a next unfolding.

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