Find the Guiding Star

A poem on moving through challenges, making an offering of things both dark and light while reviving new horizons of possibility.

(Photo: JPlenio, Pixabay)

When a lantern is needed, 
make a practice:
refill the brightness,
find the guiding star
my heart,
feel what needs feeling
flowing through 
like strokes in water
find freedom in movement
even in what is thick like slog. 
Just like the Celtic ancestors, 
drop the chalice into the peat
the ancient bog:
let each challenge
be an offering
to the gods
not hidden, buried
rather consumed like fire — 
fodder for new discovery.
The sacred is here, too
deep in the dark
hallows and holy
words related like cousins
rejoining after all these years.

Forgive the unholy
indifferent etchings,
real too 
but washed now in the flurry, 
washed in the runoff 
of all that needs to pass 
this way.

It is time now to revive, 
find the new dwellings,
a doorway to true connection:
the horizon of possibilities
lifted and looming large.

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