Master of What?

A poem on cultivating the clearest version of ourselves.

(Image: Brenkee, Pixabay)

In life’s garden
master this:
bringing forth
all that is fruitful,
careful tending
slow, steady chords
of growth towards light.

Reach new
reference points
to include the clearest
most upright
version of self:
wide awake
having plumbed the depths
of soil and soul,
the inner realm
that is also the outer
reflection of light
reverberating in seeds and cells
and in slowly beating heart.

Master this:
that gesture of grace
filling body
submission to a divine awareness
together forming spine and stem
eyes flashing bright
of root’s heart.
Master this:
gestures of bringing forth
any great work into reality.

The most revered state
requires constant application.
Chop wood
carry water.
Water the roots.
Sprout the seeds.
Some say ‘mundane’
but the master knows
life’s heart
rests in simple dance of being.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Just here
in love
in the face of small things
that serves
the clearest manifestation
of being human.

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