When Fear Holds Greater Force than Love

A poem on choosing love, and forgiving the times we live in fear. 

(Image: Rita E. on Pixabay) 

When fear holds
greater force
than love,
we are either in love
or separated from love. 
Find out what is true.

Each moment, 
fear or love
integration or separation
pulling closer or apart
as if layer of skin
peeled away
truly feel,
come back to self
earth forming cradle
large as life
holding you 

Vast like valley
take the wide view
be big in this world
heart reaching beyond
journey like twisting coil
into each center.
Hold the image of what you desire.
Fear or love?

the places we close 
remaining small,
when we choose
shallow places
in order to survive.
Find instead
a gentle stream
(always there)
listening now
to what travels 
below and beyond
close with what arises now,

Join what is,
finding a union
the deepest layer of life practice
present even for a moment
in a lifetime — 
fully arrived, 
madly in rapture
and far beyond fear.

The taste of each day
is sweetest 
when we are all in
no half-baked
shadow of self.
Instead, strong and wide
in love not fear
not split 
no choice but integration
coming closer now
to life’s beating heart.

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