Chart the Map of Stars and Soul

A poem on how dreams can be an invitation, illuminating the path of where we are next drawn. 

(Image: JPlenio, Pixabay) 

What if 
the most real layer
is here
in the dream, 
a ripple through
reach to surface
upon waking?

A saint, 
the kiss, 
a doorway 
through stone alley — 
a monastery to the light
or curve 
of whale’s back,
a glide at night
reminder of where to flow
beyond words, 
with primordial sound
across time and space.

the great record-keepers,
memory keepers
charting the map 
of stars and soul,
traversing sound waves 
and water waves
bringing lineage 
into body and moment,
reminder to listen
still and slow. 

Each one an invitation,
a slow unfurl
illumines the path 
where you are drawn
like circle 
finding the center. 


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